Hi, I'm Roberta, Chief Torch Bearer and Elder Member of the Distinguished Dragon Guild of Chainmaillers and Apprentice Feather Collector at My Dragon's Feather. I began learning the art of chainmaille in 2014 after being charged by my dragon friends to create jewelry using only noble metals and minerals found in secret locales carefully guarded by my dragon friends. They have a particular fondness for sterling, aluminum, stainless and niobium since it shows up so very nicely against their scales when they wear it, and it shines so prettily in the sunlight. They love sparkles!  I also use copper, brass, bronze, and gold fill.  

All my rings are carefully sourced from US and Canadian companies so I can ensure a quality end product. All my suppliers' rings are EU-certified to further ensure the metal content is safe of any toxins. In addition to items crafted entirely of rings, I may use other materials traditionally used by chaimaillers, such as metal scales.  I'm a firm believer in repurposing formerly loved jewelry, and you may find antique or vintage elements incorporated so the pieces may be cherished for generations to come.  I also frequently use Austrian Swarovski and other crystals as well as semi-precious stone and other special components.

Dragons are very proud creatures and set high expectations of their Elder Guild Members. All jewelry must be 100% handcrafted in the age-old way, the only way approved by dragons, and who can disappoint a dragon? They look so sad and lose even more feathers! I hope you enjoy the treasures I make as much as I enjoy designing and creating them for you and my dragon friend.

Do you have an idea of something you might like, but you're not quite seeing it in my store? I will happily consider any commissions. Please contact me with your ideas by using the link here Contact Us