Jasper Beaded Quatrefoil Aluminum Chainmaille Bracelet


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I originally created this beaded quatrefoil formation using genuine watercolor Jasper beads and shiny aluminum rings, and it sat for a while until I could decide how best to couple it with a chain.  In looking at the quatrefoil, you should see elements of a Byzantine weave at the four corners, so it seemed appropriate to add a Byzantine weave chain to achieve a flow that would be visually appealing.  The center of the quatrefoil has a design that reminded me of an infinity weave, or Mobius knot, so I used that weave to attach the bracelet to the quatrefoil to continue to show continuity in the design. The result is a lovely bracelet that while being large enough for a statement piece, it's not overwhelming, and since it's made from aluminum, it's beautifully lightweight.  I added a heart-shaped pewter lobster claw clasp.

The quatrefoil element is 2" in diameter, and the chain is 1/4" in diameter.  Bracelet length is 8-3/8," and I can shorten as necessary.  Just let me know when you place your order.