Traditional European Circlet / Bridal / Renaissance Headdress


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This piece is what is called a Circlet which is an ornamental head piece, perfect for Renaissance Fairs, cosplay, brides or bridal parties.  To make this piece lightweight and comfortable, I crafted it out of shiny, silvery bright aluminum.  The weave I chose is the traditional "Knight's Weave," what we now refer to as the European 4 in 1.  I added a vintage crystal bead to the front to give it a little extra panache without too much fuss.  Since all head sizes are different and the hairstyle you choose to wear while wearing this may chance the size you would need, I added a faux suede cord to the back so it may be tied to the desired size (sorry, I did a poor job tying).  Two little crystal beads dangle from the bottom of each cord.  This is a must for attending any renaissance fair.